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We, curio dealers, may sometimes be surprised at or feel special attachment to
some articles, though we deal with curios and antiques everyday.
Those who have some curios and antiques by themselves may understand such feeling.
The members of the Kyoto Ohto Antique Art Association will introduce such curios and
antiques every month here.
  紹介作品リスト 美術品の写真をクリックすると詳細がご覧いただけます
* Call the shop directly if you want to
know the price or details of the work.

尾形乾山 水辺 松林 各皿
秋野不矩 作 水上勉 著 「山の暮れに」挿絵

檀造 大和如来・地蔵菩薩 香合佛
村上華缶 拈華仏陀ノ図

湯上げ 出雲地方


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